celebrating friendship

i have been on holiday for the past 6 weeks. its been GOOD! infact the Lord has seen it worthwhile to extend the whole thing to become a two months vacation(i will be spending the rest in Capetown)

I dont even know where to start on how to thank Him for the amazing friends He has put into my life…i have been in the middle east for 6 weeks, and will be leaving on the 13th of September for Capetown. my visit to the UAE (United Arab Emirates) has been a time of great refreshment for my body and spirit. i have been living with Kelvin and Louise Billinghurst, amazing friends of God who opened their home to me for me to sleep in, eat as much as i wanted, and watch as many movies as i liked, for everyone of those 45 days!

this update is just to say THANK YOU! to all those friends who prayed that i get my rest, i am deeply greatful for your prayers, your support through emails,sms’s, phone calls, comments on facebook:) and of course personal visits to maputo. I am looking forward to continue hearing from you.

with much love!
p.s i hope we can say this with one heart and mind:give thanks to the Lord for he is GOOD.His love endures forever!!!!!


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