a corn of wheat afraid to die.

God gives us, visions,ideas, plans of what He has for us to do. He has given me a small piece of the picture of what He has for me. Many times I have tried in my own strength to bring all these wonderful promises He has about me into life. The results of doing this is little seeds of bitterness get planted and then after awhile everyone elses dreams seem to be coming true and I begin to wonder if I had cooked up all the promises. when this happens the little seeds are happily watered by self pity and my resentment provides the perfect soil for them to grow, before I know it, I am walking around feeling forgotten and bitter.

I have been learning a wonderful truth in my daily devotions these past weeks. that God indeed gives us dreams, visions, ideas and then sometimes they dont come to life immediately, He makes them die. not because He is taunting us but because there is so much in us…in me that he has to work out so that when the dream comes to life I am well equipped to do much more than i could ever imagine or dream!!!

and yet sometimes I dont trust Him. I want my dreams to come true NOW to prove to the world that I am a somebody to show everyone what I have done! when in all honesty its not I that lives but Christ who lives in ME!!
Even if my future is uncertain it doesnt matter because my future is in His hands! When I give up my right to controlling my destiny I am no longer a corn of wheat afraid to die because its only when I die to self that I am truly alive to a life free from anxiety, fear and bitterness because I trust Him and Him ALONE.

We had three teams and a lot of other individuals come and be a great blessing!Keystone Builders from the States sent enough funds to make desks for the children to study on. and we had LOTS of fun in the process of painting them!

I got my license and got stuck plenty times in the sand! Thank God most times there was a team ready to push me out!!
The kids who got prizes at prize giving day:)

Palmira wanted so badly to join the needlework club but i told her she was too young. that didnt stop her she went home found some sticks begged her sister to teach her how to knit. She then knit a tiny bag from scraps of wool and sticks!talk about determination!!!
5yr old Jose hates being left out so he decided he was going to knit as well.haha
we have 13 kids in our sponsorship program and they got bday presents and food parcels from their “adoptive family”
the construction team built one orphan house and a couple of toilets!
the garden produced SO much!!!
We hope next year we produce even MORE!!!

I am really looking forward to posting pictures of our annual kids club which will be running from the 8th of Dec till the 12th. We would really value your prayers.


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