My walk with Jesus makes who I am, I cannot help but give a shout out to Him each time He does something SUPER awesome! Two days before our holiday club was to begin we where lacking in a lot of items. We only had less than half the amount of money to buy food for 200 children to eat 2 meals each day. We didnt have the 200 school bags with the stationary, neither did we have enough mosquito nets for all the kids to at least take one per family. we didnt have the money to buy all the items we needed for the crafts for each day and nor did we have money to buy paint to paint the t-shirts. i sat down with my team and told them there was nothing we could do but pray. an hour after praying i received a call and an email and what i heard and read was the best news EVER someone was going to cover ALL the expenses that where left. Not once did it cross my mind that maybe we should cancel the whole thing. I was absolutely adamant that God would come through for us and that the kids would each go home with a christmas present. And thats exactly what He did!

The theme of our kids club was talking to Jesus. we wanted the children to know that they too could talk to Him.

Even though I did not get the overcast weather i prayed for(its very hot in december) the shade from the tree at the back of our house was big enough for 200 children to sit comfortably. so here are some of the pictures i would love to share with you. they are my “i wish you where here photos.” God was good He came through for us I had fun the kids had soo much fun!!!


my mom and benilda spent three weeks sawing nearly 200 t-shirts.

the words we painted where “Jesus e que fez, e faz”

in other words:in Jesus all things where made
without Him nothing was made that has been made.
monday was a crazy day as we started by distributing t-shirts to the children. as we where only catering for children in the Kutwanana orphan list we had to send a lot of other children home.

the team that helped me make the 5 days AWESOME! we had 6 volunteers that came from Ferndale Church to help out with the work. the club started at 8:30 and ended at 2:30.

everyday we had a game of soccer and volley ball .
the cooking ladies where amazing, i am still trying to get over the fact that they managed to cook PERFECT rice in a HUGE pot that fed about 150 kids.(they had to cook another smaller pot to feed the rest)
Absolute FUN was the name of the game:)

we had dance moves that where out of this world!

some real funny games
this one was all about which team could make the best…


and guessing what sauce was on the banana. the catch was you had to be blindfolded.

sometimes the little kids couldnt take all the excitement standing,

so they took it lying down:)

craft time. we had two crafts each day one for the little kids; 2-10years and the other for older kids 11-16 years.

the team presented plays that where thought provoking

every after each play there was time to discuss what the kids had watched and how to fit into their daily lives.
random challenges where started like:who could make the tallest “cup tower”

thursday night was spent packing presents for the kids. each child received a school bag with toiletries, chocolate sweet, stationary and for each family one mosquito net.

our numbers fluctuated between 175 to 192 on the last day we had about 175 children.

when the kids received their gifts there where such loud cheers and victory dances… it was beautiful.

mabandi very pleased with his bag.

for all those who have attended any holiday club, you will agree with me that there is always a child that simply cant understand the meaning of behaving. this was our little naughty child “jose” we love him to bits but oh man sometimes he drove us crazy!!!!!!!

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