sometimes all you can do is try!

“Girls of Promise” a girls group that I started and has been running for 3 weeks now.we meet every sunday afternoon. the main reason i started it is because i wanted girls between the ages 15-25years to find a place where they can learn and support each other!

There are few things that I promise my self I would never ever do. One of these is starting or running a business of any kind. But after experiencing the toughest financial year(2008) our organization has ever experienced I began to realize that it was about time I seriously came up with a few business ideas that would help us with the care of our children. So I spent January and now February working on a micro-business proposal that I would like to present to some organizations in Maputo that sponsor micro businesses.

These are the businesses I am working on and hoping by the end of the year they are up and running.

A bakery.

The angle I am taking with this is offering a different but cheap type of bread to the community around us. I am first going to be working with another girl then when we have a good idea of exactly how things are done I will add in orphans. We are going to make our own home made oven(“,) My desire is that one day we open a shop that makes a whole lot of other items.

A carpentry workshop

We have been wanting to do this for years but each time things don’t work out, I am hoping this year will be different.

And a craft shop.

I want this shop to target those who are well to do in Maputo. The items we will be selling will be made by young orphans and older girls. I would really love that one day we open a chic shop in Maputo city.

In all honesty I have been tempted so much not to tell anyone of my plans. I guess it’s the fear of “how about if it flops?” “how about if I don’t get the much needed funding?” and i am sure there are some among you who are thinking, “shula i think you are getting way over your head now” to those i say if you never try you never know. But I am encouraged to share because I know I will definitely need prayers and encouragement. I know it wont be easy(believe me i have spent quite a lot of time thinking of the worst case scenario) and to be frank I am scared of going to these big organizations and presenting my case. I am told my dress code is too laid back so I have to look for some clothes that make me look like I am a “corporate woman, please take me seriously” lol!!!!

apart from this i am still busy with the school and looking forward to the teams that will start coming through in April. I am kept busy but Saturday is my day off and i work very hard to make sure work doesnt take it away from me.

with so much love



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