the bakery project has been running for nearly a month now. i have two girls helping and already can do everything without my supervision which is a real encouragement. weekly we are selling about 300 sweet buns, a number that sounds a lot but is actually quite little. i would love to increase our production to maybe 600-800 in a week. this is what the strength of our bakery will be about for now . when we are established enough we will start venturing into other items such as cakes and savoury breads. we are in real need of a gas stove, at the moment we are using my moms electric stove and to be honest i dread to see what the electricity bill will be like at the end of the month. hopefully we will be able to contribute some money towards paying for the bill.i believe a gas stove would be great because we can still bake bread when we have power cuts (which happen often) and it wont be as expensive as an electric stove.

from the looks of things i think for the first 4 months(maybe more i am not sure) the bakery we will be making enough profit to pay the two ladies involved and contributing to the the electric bill. in other words it will be just enough to keep the business afloat. but i am not discouraged thats how everything starts. oneday God willing we will be supporting the school financially.
please pray about us getting a gas stove, if you would like to help us buy one please send a word;)


4 thoughts on “baking

  1. Shula – This is Heather’s cousin Amy. I will be in South Africa and Mozambique with her this summer. I’m glad you’re coming with us to Mozambique. Heather has told me so much about you. I’m really looking forward to meeting you. How much is your gas stove going to cost?Blessings! Amy

  2. Shula,This your favorite doc writing to you from wild western Montana. It is somewhat surprising to me, but I can only think of very nice things to say about you and to you. For instance: you are absolutely amazing! I have never met a more energetic, fearless, funny, and loving person than you. When you throw that together with wisdom, intelligence, a beautiful singing voice, dreadlocks, and unending faith there's only one outcome: Shula!I so very much wish I could be there when Heather passes some good news to you, good news from my team that was with you in Chicuque in June. Believe me, everyone on the team was absolutely delighted to be able to help you and your project. Until you come visit us in Montana we'll just keep singing about "yum-yum, such fun, sing-a-ling-a-ling, and everything". You are an extraordinarily special child of God. Thanks for being a blessing in my life, too.OK, it's time for you to say it, and I want to hear it all the way over here in Helena: "Oh shut up, doc!" Ahhhh, that's the Shula I know and love!

  3. ShulaI wish I was still in Mozambique. It was so inspiring to meet you. You have an amazing gift. Have you been able to get the gas stove yet? Keep in touch. Jenn

  4. Hi Shula,It was so good to meet you in MOZ – and to connect with your good work! Glad to finally see your blog (actually, first time I've ever been on a blog). I have yarns to send to you and your girls – I also have information on how to sell their handwork items in the US. I prefer to discuss by email, not blog. Please email me. Peggy

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