a long time coming

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the school: Progress has been good this year, we finally got our classrooms painted by the students from Trichardt School, a south African school based in Maputo. They where also able to buy tables and make them for two more classes, now  all that’s left is tables for one class and a final coat of paint for all the classes. Most of you have only seen our school without desks and unpainted you will be surprised the next time you come to see the change. 
The gardening started off late this year but we have produced just as much as last year or maybe even more. I have lost the helpers I used to have because their school timetable has changed, instead of entering in the afternoon they now enter in the morning which leaves me with only one person to help out with the watering, planting, weeding and everything thing else that involves gardening. 

I have about 18 girls involved in this project all of whom are quite enthusiastic about the project. Their ages range from 7-16 years. Unfortunately these past 2 months I have not had the time to sit down with them and check their progress. I am looking forward to the holidays in November that will give me the time to meet up with them regularly. Many thanks to the Westville church that sent wool for the project. 
sponsorship program: This year has been hard on this project. We have  two orphans who are sponsored monthly and another 8 who are sponsored from time to time. The world wide economic problems have made it harder for pple to commit to sponsoring children for a long term. The World Food Program has linked up with us and is now giving  30kg of maize and soya beans to all our orphans. We don’t know for how long they will be doing this but we welcome the help.
the bakery: With the help of my mom the bakery has been running really well. We have two ladies working there and God willing the gas stove we have been wanting for the past 3 months will finally be bought by next month.YAY! But this is just the short term plan. In the long run we want to buy property to build a proper bakery so that we can  cover more ground and offer more people jobs. 
orphan visits: Every Friday I go out with the teachers to visit orphan homes. Some of the situations we find are saddening. For example, finding a 6 year old doing all the housework which includes, washing clothes, cooking, drawing 20l of water and more from the local tap whilst the aunt sits around doing nothing. I want to take a very tough stance towards the guardians of such orphans.
Oh dear I believe this has been much much longer than I thought, so I shall end here. Anything else I have forgotten to mention you will hear about it in another update.
Thank you for the prayers and the emails they mean a lot to me!please keep them coming.

                                                          graduation day with my sister and mom



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