this is one of the toughest letters i have had to write in a while. after 7 years of working with my parents, 3 years part time and 4 years full time i believe the time has come for me to move. Since the beginning of october i have been praying and seeking counsel over what i should do next year.
So whats the change?
i have been accepted to study at a bible school in Montana USA for a whole year starting in August 2010 all my expenses included my ticket are covered for. In the meanwhile i have been offered a job with Sally Mckibbin a lady who runs an organisation called Thembalethu. She is involved in HIV/AIDS patients, orphans and vulnerable children on a large scale(last time i heard her organisation looked after 3000 orphans). I will be involved with assessing the progress of all her projects e.g what has gone well, what has gone wrong and what could be done better. I am in the process of getting my permit and if all goes well on the 4th of january i will be working with Sally. This job will take me until August if i get my visa for the US, if not i think i may continue with Sally.
i have accepted working with Sally because what she would like me to do is something i have never done before and i know it will broaden my knowledge of how NGOs work. i am interested in going to bible school mainly because i feel i need time off from this work that i am involved in, time to study the Word without the worry of neglecting important duties. I also think it will be a time for me to see where God wants me to be, whether its in Africa or another part of the world like South America.
what happens to the work in Mozambique?
the hardest decision to make was concerning the school, after all its like my baby i have fought for it and seen it change, i have seen children change by it. Since there isnt anyone who can run the school we have decided that we close the school for now and take all the children to a nearby school for orphans. Its hard not to wonder, what was the point of all that i did if in the end we close down? We have faith that this situation will not be permanent, God willing the school will be opened again.
as for the bakery project my mother and another lady will be running it. the gardening project will mainly depend on the young pple who helped me this year. if they are willing to do it next year without me, then it will be possible. My parents will take over the sponsorship programs. My hearts desire would have been that in these years i have been working with my parents i would have been able to train one young person to take over some of my responsibilities but that has not been possible. But this is not my work its the Lords and he knows whats best.
my thanks to those who have taken the time to read and to write asking about whats going on in my life. thanks to all those who prayed with my when i was trying to figure out what i should do. i hope you will all continue to keep in contact as my adventures take me elsewhere.


2 thoughts on “changes

  1. These are exciting thimes for you, sister Shula! I am delighted that God has provided an opportunity for you to study the Scripture in depth – think of it like an experience in the wilderness (even if it is Monatana!) where you will draw near to the throne of grace to learn, to draw deeply from the well, and to be open to His guidance for the next steps in your life in His service! Wonderful!I am also delighted to see the beautiful pictures of the bountiful harvest the Lord has supplied for you! So amny wonderful things He has done, so many more He will yet do for His glory in your life. Go well, sister!with love in Christ,Don DoehlaNapa, CA, USA

  2. These are big changes! I'm glad to hear how you're following God even when it means handing over things that are so hard to give up. I'm excited for you though! What's the name of the school in Montana? I'll be praying that God's hand is on it all and that you'll rest in His hand! I'll keep in touch & maybe if I have time I'll come up to Sally's & see you!

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