new beginnings

Its been nearly a month since I moved to Nkomazi, South Africa. So what have I been up to? Basically I am part of the administration team at Thembalethu Home Based Care. I am in charge of compiling reports for different donor organizations. The work isn’t difficult and is teaching me a lot on the relationship between a Donor and an NGO. Of course this is not all that I am involved in, the organization has an orphanage which keeps about 20 children. Daily I meet up with six children for extra lessons in math, and English. So from 8 till 2 I am doing admin and then from 3 till 5 I am with the children. At the moment I am working on building relationships with the different pple I work with and am really enjoying the time I have with the children. My hope is that when its time for me to go I would have inspired some or even all the children to see Jesus as a friend to whom they can talk daily to and that they have a love and appreciation for reading. If you would like to get to know more about Thembalethu, here is their web address : God willing I will be posting some pictures to show you life in a rural village of South Africa.

With much love

p.s on arrival I was taken completely by surprise when Sally Mckibbin (my boss) offered me a two bedroom house that is fully furnished with a stunning view! So if any of you are in Mpumalanga South Africa and are in need of a place to stay, I am willing and able!


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