Oh how I love grace!

I am of the opinion that at the core of all of us we are selfish beings and most times we manage to lie to ourselves that whatever it is we are doing they are selfless acts of mercy, grace or love, what ever it is you call it. Some of the actions I take are just to impress others and make me feel good or important, it had nothing to do with having a servant heart.Sometimes its: whats in it for me? I deserve to be happy, I am the victim…me, me, me, me. For others, God forbid if someone hurts your feelings, you remember it for weeks and if you are hardcore, years! We all know these words “love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy it does not boast it is not proud, it is not self seeking it keeps no account of wrong” but do we really let those words sink into our hearts? Is our loving selective only for the people we deem”good” in our lives?

I am struggling with getting along with one particular person at work, he just gets on my nerves all the time, no amount of praying has made me change the fact that I simply don’t like him and I have come to the conclusion that the chances that I may never get along with him are high and its OK. Everyday when I see him it’s a battle between having the attitude, “dude you annoy me and everyone else therefore let me find a way to annoy you back” to “I can’t say I love you today but I sure am going to try to be civil with you.” At the moment I can’t really say which attitude is taking the upper hand, and maybe being civil with him will never come easy.

Thank God that there is grace in his love, that his love has absolutely NO condemnation, that there isn’t a set amount of works that I need to do to gain Gods love or approval, whether i am being exemplary or whether I am being extremely selfish he loves me just the same. I am thankful for the verse, ” therefore there is NO condemnation for those who are in Christ.” Oh how I love grace 🙂


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