a work in progress

5 things i learned about myself whilst living in Inkomazi South Africa for the first six months of 2010:

  1. watching black africans leave integrity by the door and make their decisions based on “because i am poor!” makes my blood boil. no wonder so many pple believe we are easily corruptible!
  2. i could win the crown of best worrier. thank God for grace!
  3. Yes, i whole heartedly believe in sex after marriage! being in an environment where i was in the minority on this issue i got interesting reactions. from, absolute disbelief to trying to change my mind to pity because my faith impedes me from having so much fun. so according to these people me exercising my right to have sex on my own terms is the dumbest decision i have ever made. the way i see it being laughed at once in awhile is character building:p
  4. i would love a job that mixes academics with practical work! i found i enjoy challenging my academic mind and how far i can go to expressing my love to different people(especially kids).
  5. as Inkomazi is a hot spot for different developmental NGOs i was in contact with a few. in the beginning i had such high hopes and respect for them after all we where there to serve pple selflessly right? in the end i left Inkomazi pretty much disillusioned and disheartened, things are never as they seem. i am still working through this issue maybe one day i will post a blog sharing my perspective on the sometimes complex relationship between NGOs and local communities in Africa that will be more objective than emotional.

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