in the land of the free.

days and dates are still a blur to me i think i have been in the states for three weeks now. my flight was great did not have any hustles thank you for your prayers:) am settling in it has not been easy, before coming i was pretty sure culture shock would not get the best of me well i was very wrong. if i list down everything that i have found different it will begin to sound like an endless complaint so i will mention two. different eating patterns, there is nothing that my palate has not liked its just my stomach would have none of it for the first two weeks i have been here lol. secondly the fact that its so easy to accumulate stuff… lots and lots of stuff.

school is great have been attending classes for two weeks now. classes are from 8:50 am till 12:30 with a 30 min break our afternoons are free so we can do homework, chores or anything else that fits our interests. i have joined the choir and drama club am looking forward to seeing if i have any acting talents! this coming sunday i will be doing my first back packing trip 82km(40miles) trip for 5 days. to be honest i am a bit apprehensive about this after all where have you heard of an african who walks just for the fun of it? it sure would be difficult explaining this concept to my kids back home.

i hope you wont have a problem downloading the pictures i have uploaded because words cant do justice to how beautiful this place is, until next time much love!!

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2 thoughts on “in the land of the free.

  1. Yes, indeed, the cultural differences abound! So true that it is AMAZINGLY easy to accumulate things here… I pray that the Lord will bless you in your studies dear sister – to His glory and for your walk with Him.Blessings, Don in Napa

  2. Hi Shula so nice to see your blog.Glad to hear you are slowly ajusting!! We think of you often and pray for you with the girls most nights so we have some new things to pray for! Emily Grace our no.3 arrived safely nearly 2 weeks ago and we are adjusting to a new routine etc! Have had a few rough days! heehee but not too bad! Enjoy your time away and may the fellowship of believers and the study of God's word refresh you and invigorate you! much love to you! bron

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