6 months of living in a rural South African village 6 months living in the wilderness of Montana USA is what 2010 has been all about. Sometimes my life feels so surreal, many a night I lie awake thinking, did I really live in Nkomazi South Africa? and how in heavens name did I end up in the States?

A glimpse into my life so far: the longest I have lived in a country is 9 years, I attended 8 schools in 3 countries, I  have one person who has been a constant friend since the age of 8. now I am beginning to move in the realms of missing my friends bachelorette parties,weddings and births because most likely I am in another country when these events occur. I have a gift of adapting into different cultures and of making friends with people very different from me yet this thing about “belonging” I dont fully understand. So far there is only one place where I know I fully belong and that is, where ever my family is. (I cant say home because the longest my parents have lived in one house for the past 20 years is 4 years). I love and care for people passionately but I dont attach to things and people easily.

Before you start msging me on how I should be content because my eternal home is heaven I want you to know that I already know that. I just hope this entry will connect with a missionary kid or third culture kid who feels so disconnected at times…you are not alone. Has it been difficult at times? Absolutely. Do I wish I had a different life? No! constantly I see how God has used my crazy life to help others.

In conclusion “normal life” is relative because for some of us change is the only constant we have ever known.


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