dumb?i dont think so.

babysitting whilst mom works 🙂

Over the years I have met pple who have told me in conversation it was a fact that, African children where less mentally developed  than children from the west primarily because of the manner that they are carried by their mothers. Hearing them talk like that really upsets me because my mother carried my siblings and I that way and I think we turned out alright, although sometimes I think I am the only one who is well rounded(just kidding. lol.). together with such pple i have also met those who have the attitude of, since Africa is full of suffering conflict and corruption, there is nothing that they can learn from us … I always enjoy bursting their silly bubble of ignorance.

Well here are a few pointers on why we carry our kids this way:)

  • mommys can multi task. you strap the baby on your back then you can work .not everyone can afford a push chair and many times the baby wants, needs touch.
  • If I am a mom who works on a farm the whole day I don’t have a room to lay baby down to sleep. what better way for baby to sleep than close to mommy so that mommy has instant access to baby if anything where to go wrong?
  • They say the baby is unable to see everything around them therefore impede proper growth, well baby is not always on moms back like a pesky parasite. anyways the goodness of the wrap is that you can swing baby to the front so baby can see everything.
  • Push chairs are pretty much useless in areas where there are no proper roads, have you ever tried pushing one in a sandy area?

 in conclusion, are african mamas dumb for carrying babies this way? in my opinion and on behalf of millions of african mamas out there no, i dont think so!!!

    Haira,(pronounced eye-ra) she pretty much has us wrapped around her little finger:) she belongs to one of the girls we help

    2 thoughts on “dumb?i dont think so.

    1. Hey, Shula, the teachers at the Christian school in Badplaas swore up and down that it caused them spatial difficulties on down the line. They said it was because the babies didn't learn to crawl, they were just on the momma's back and then they were old enough to walk. They claimed up and down that this was why some of the kids had problems with multiplication and division. I've not found any research to support this and am pretty skeptical, but they were convinced. They even said they advised one parent to have their child (14 or 15 by then) to crawl around at home and that after a few months their spatial learning came together…I still think they're full of $hit!

    2. bobs i dont get where they get this stuff from! its beyond stupid ask any african kid in univeristy right now whether thier mother carried them and they will say yes. argh!!!!!! silly pple!!

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