sometimes work is…

taking kids home after school is done.

teaching amelia & felizmena their ABCs
sitting down and discussing orphan work with luis. i have worked with him for 4/5 years. this year our roles have changed, he pretty much runs the orphan work and school. through him, i am learning the art of being led by someone i used to lead.

 chatting with vitoria for an hour
teaching mario english…
by reading this book.

 quietly watching girls play.
checking Gina’s work…
to make sure she is doing a great job

 the money comes in and i get to do some simple accounting.
babysitting Haira(pronounced eye-ra)
and make beautiful things that pple buy.    
so that her mom can work…

taking volunteers out to the beach after a hard days work:)

this is just a snippet of what i for me is very temperemental, not oneday is the same. somedays i am so busy i am left exhausted by nightfall, other days are very uneventful. most times i wake up with a plan of what i should do but by the end of the day nothing ever goes as planned.


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