this is my dad…the legend

 its been nearly a week since my dad got back from south africa. the last time i had seen him was nearly three months ago when my brother rushed him on a sunday night to the hospital after he had vomited a couple litres of blood. for those who didnt exactly know what was going on, this is the very short version of a very long story:

on the day of my graduation from bible school, April 30th my dad got sick from bells palsy and ramsey hunt syndrome, sicknesses that make a person look like he had a stroke but its not actually a stroke. three weeks later when i got home he looked like he was recovering well then a couple days later things took a turn for the worst. at that time we didnt know that some of the medication he had been taking had reacted to a dormant ulcer in his stomach causing him to bleed internally. in one week he almost died twice, when he tells the story he says he could feel he was leaving his body and was at peace. on both occasions he vomitted a lot of blood, when it happened the second time it was on a sunday night we decided that he should be taken to the hospital although we really didnt want to take him there because we knew that the only hospital that could possibly help him is notorious for having bad service delivery.

the treatment that my father received at the hospital was beyond terrible,evil. i still find it very hard to talk about that terrible week. maybe oneday over a good cup of tea i will explain it well to you. what i can say is this because of his ulcer my dad had 4 pints of blood left in his body, an adult should have 15 pints. the nurses refused to give him blood even though 6 people donated 1 pint each specifically for him until one doctor forced them to give him 2 pints. for reasons only known to those nurses they where determined not to help him recover at all, they wanted him dead. in the three days he was in hospital he received no food or any types of liquids and at one point a number of nurses and a doctor stood around his bed waiting for him to die. but he did not die!

its a miracle that my mom managed to pull him out of there and fly him straight to south africa where he got special care. its a miracle that by the time he got to south africa he did not need any blood transfusion even though he had lost so much blood.its a miracle that he survived three nights in that hospital.

People always wonder where i get my tenacious faith and passion to pray. whenever i share my life story i always start of with my parents, their devotion to God and passion to serve him even in the most trying circumstances has always encouraged me to step out and do things that i think are way beyond my capability. my dad is my hero, and a legend to many:) oneday a book should be written about his crazy life, after all if God is your boss He has promised that your life will never be status quo.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love to you all. praise the Lord. Ken Rout – in Bujumbura

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a great testimony! You're right, he should write a book. Maybe you are meant to help him write it since you are such a great blogger and speaker!Barb M. USA

  3. Ajnos says:

    I've heard him give his own testimony of what happened – and it was clear that God was not only working miracle after miracle, but that he still has great work in stall for your dad.

  4. Ajnos says:

    Hey Shula. There's this thing called the "liebster award" going around blogdom. I've listed your blog as one of my awardess. You can see more about it here. Sonja G.

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