“whenever you are willing to obey me Much Afraid and to follow the path of my choice, you will always be able to hear and recongise my voice, and when you hear it you must always obey. Remember also that it is always safe to obey my voice, even if it seems to call you to paths which look impossible or even crazy.”
i took this from one of my all time favorite books “Hinds feet on high places.”

 a month or so ago i wrote that i would be involved in a cool project in south africa. at that time i was 100% sure this was where i was meant to be but oh how life loves to bring surprises along the way and so a month later plans have changed so much that i am no longer going to be involved in this project.

i have been having some interesting convos with Jesus about obediance and waiting on Him PATIENTLY(gosh i honestly dont have much hope for myself in this area)!most of all he has been teaching me that there are seasons for EVERYTHING and right now i need to be ok to be in season of not knowing and waiting.

i am quite certain that i am not meant to commit to my parents project long term but there is a saying that goes: “grow where God plants me.”
so whats next for me? well,for much of october i will be helping family friends as they are moving from one town to another in South Africa. they have 6 children and they need help looking after them in their time of transition.
 november is going to be spent in mozambique preparing for our annual holiday club that occurs for one week in december and thats as far as i know.

and you know what? its ok 🙂


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