Jacaranda i love.

the trouble with us passionate people is that we dont know how to do anything we love half-heartedly. try as i might i honestly dont know how to love anything in a composed dignified manner. be it a song, a knitting pattern, or even a particular food, when i find something i believe is worth loving  i pull all the stops and passionately engage myself in whatever has caught my fancy.

soooo, today i just wanted to share my love for a particular tree called Jacaranda to those who perhaps have never had the priviledge of enjoying its exotic beauty(see, i told you i get carried away when i love something).every year if i get a chance to visit south africa during spring(august,sept and october) i always look forward to seeing my favorite tree in bloom.

 many towns and city streets in South Africa are lined with jacaranda trees. on a quiet street, the canopy of purple with its golden sunrays gently peaking through wherever the trees flowers give it a chance give you the feeling of being in a peaceful radiant garden. if you are lucky, as you walk on one of these streets and a gentle breeze begins to flow, the lovely flowers shower down on you like soft rain and carpet the road a delightful purple.ahhhhhh i just love it….i always give a mandatory girly scream when i love something.

now for a very brief history on this tree:)
Jacarandas are indigienous to South America but where introduced to South Africa in 1880. the species most common to South Africa is the Blue Jacaranda and there are about 500 000 jacaranda trees found in the country. most jacaranda trees can be found in Pretoria(Tswane) the capital city of South Africa. It has so many jacaranda trees that its called Jacaranda City.

if you are a flower person like me and have a desire to visit south africa oneday, make sure you try to come during spring, i promise you it will be worth your while!


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  1. bushybeard says:

    Have you been to namaqualand in spring?

  2. bushybeard says:

    Towards the Namibian border. It’s a desert that turns into a giant field of flowers every spring. 🙂

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