i heart you petersons

an awesome cultural evening.going on walks with elsa.
reading time in our “indoor tent” SO MUCH FUN!
“sisterly love”. going to bed in our “indoor tent.”
doing school outside.taking elsa for sushi.coloring:)
shopping and goofing around with elsa.
what philly does on a hot day.

am back home in moz, got back today.
i really enjoyed my time being a nanny to the peterson kids for a whole month. uber sad that i have to go:( here is a snippet of the fun things we got to do. a big thank you to karl and glynn who trusted me with the care of their 6 fantabulous kids(“,)


4 thoughts on “i heart you petersons

  1. Hey – I just found your blog through my site stats and saw that you have me on your sidebar. Do you know that my parents know the Petersons really well?! Ask them about the Wilks' from TRBC. That's my mum and dad! What a small, small world. =)

  2. hey alii met your mom when i visited new jersey earlier this year! she told me that she also knew the petersons:) yes its a real small world. i love reading your blog and praying for you and the work that you are doing:)

  3. Aw, we heart you too, Shula! Miss you a lot, hey. "You got back ache. I can fix that!" Thanks for a wonderful month of hair craziness, angels of music, jacarandas and every awesome thing associated with Shula. Really, thanks so much. :)~Elsa

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