understanding elijah

Elijah has been on my mind a lot these days friend. If you are not sure who he is, he lived way back in bible times. He was a prophet, a passionate man of God who performed amazing miracles.

Well he has been on my mind, not because of the miracles he performed but the breakdown he had. I really love how the bible shares all the strengths and weaknesses of those that God called to do specific work for Him, it gives me much hope…God never chose perfect people to serve Him. If you are unfamiliar with Elijah’s story, google or find a bible and read the following passage: 1 King chapter 18 and 19.

Anyways, back to Elijah’s emotional breakdown. I totally understand why he went all depressed, ministry can be very draining and at times very discouraging( it annoys me so much when I read or meet people who paint christian ministry as a walk in the park, I just want to punch them). when I look back into my life I have seen God answer my prayers in ways I could never imagine and yet there are days when all that does not count and it honestly feels like God has turned stone cold on me. Reading what God did for Elijah reminds me that I serve an extremely compassionate God who understands when I am discouraged and battling depression. God is not looking for me to come to Him when I am all good but even at my very worst, He can handle anything that I do! He is God. as Elijah sits in his depressed state, alone and feeling very abandoned, God appears to him as a whisper, a gentle whisper that brings healing and hope for the future.

At times I don’t need my friends to preach at me to keep my eyes focused on Jesus, that’s not what I need, just having a friend listening to me vent is good enough. Let the preaching come later, today I just need you to be gentle and to listen to me.
That’s what God did for Elijah, he didn’t belittle his struggles but he quietly strengthened him with his gentle and tranquil presence.

Over the years I have consciously worked on being sensitive to know when a friend just needs me to listen. Sometimes that brings more change than the best christian speech you can give anyone. I am still not very good at it but practice makes perfect!

how are you faring in this area my friend?


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