gilda’s mother died last week


gildas mother died last thursday. she hadnt been sick for long. gilda is 13 years old and i have known her for close to 7 years.she has been part of a small group of girls i have been discipling for about 5 years now. broke my heart to see her cry. i did not know her mother had died till sunday, couldnt get to see her till today wednesday cause i have been sick.low income families cannot afford a mortuary so it is customary to keep the body at home for a day before it is buried but when her mama died the landlady demanded that her body be buried immediatly because she didnt want a dead body in her house(extremely disrespectful of her!) and so a couple hours later she was buried.
. . . . . . .  just-like-that, she was gone!
how could a person be so callous that they dont give children time to say goodbye to their mother?

they dont allow children to cry at funerals here . . . some traditions are not meant to be honored! if  i had been there i would have made sure that gilda and her younger brother been given the right to cry.  i dont know what will happen to gilda, she has now lost both parents and her life will depend on the good will of close relatives. maybe they will be good to her, maybe they wont. at the end of the day life is going to be difficult.

as i left her house, i heard news about another child of mine, marieta. she is 11 years old i was told she has become a streetkid, she ran away from home where she lives with her grandmother and uncle both who are very abusive towards her. i dont know how i will find her because she just roams the streets of our community. our community is large and has a population of around 50 000 people . . . not a safe place for a little girl to roam at night. sometimes people have seen her sleeping in trees other times at the steps of our church other times at different peoples homes.

at times my work feels like a plumber almost done fixing a leak only to find 3 other places that are leaking worse than the first one. it can be rather discouraging to be honest.

you know what i think friend? what we need is a home for children like gilda and marieta . . . maybe thats what we need to start my friend, a home.  will start praying about it.


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