sojourner i am.

as of wednesday this week we( i live with my parents, brother and 3 other people that my parents are supporting) have one week to find a house pack and move. it took me exactly two days to get used to the idea, although, the thought of leaving this house just leaves me quite sad.

its in days like these that i begin to wonder… how does it feel like to grow in the same town, not have a revolving door of friends and top of the list; how in heavens name do pple make 2 year or even worse 5 year life plans?? try as i might, i cannot wrap my mind around how they do it! my life has had one constant, “unpredictable change.” for example, since coming back from the states in may 2010 i have only been able to know what i will be doing for one month ahead thats it. everything that i plan for two months or more has not worked out. so now i dont even try planning for more than a month.

it has not been easy friend, i feel like Jesus has intensified a hundredfold the lessons on “will you trust me day by day? will you obey me without knowing why i am leading you this way? will you find rest in the unknown?” i wont lie, there have been days i have said no to all questions and have seriously questioned my relationship with Jesus.

oh how i long for heaven, for many, many reasons but today i really long for it mainly because i get to make permanent roots with no fear of ever moving for the uptenth time.


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