I have been mulling over these two words a lot these last couple of days, “BUT GOD.” friend if you are human like me, I am sure you have made plenty mistakes in your life. Or maybe you have found yourself in a situation where you know you should not have been, you ignored all the warning signs and just kept going and now you live a life of utter dispair, wondering how you could make right what you have done wrong…BUT GOD.

Your life is a total wreck BUT GOD steps in and changes everything. You had no hope for the future BUT GOD steps in and gives you real tangible hope. You had no hope for complete healing from past hurts BUT GOD steps in and gently oh so gently begins to pick the pieces of your broken heart and starts to mend it. Before you know it the pain that you walk with everyday is no longer there…it doesnt hurt to breath. They say time heals everything, I beg to differ, for me Jesus heals everything.

In my conversations with Jesus i have began to see so  many BUT GOD moments in my life. Many of them are not with fanfare its like Gods best moments are those that are so hard to see if you are too busy trying to do things in your own strength, He loves to work quietly and patiently with us…with me. Jesus has been such a good friend to me friend, sometimes i am at loss for words at how GOOD he has been to me. I am who I am right now because of Him. I have all the reasons in the world to be a bitter angry person because of how much I have been hurt BUT GOD stepped in and showed me love, forgiveness and how to have a gentle compassionate heart against all odds.

When I look back and see just how He has saved me over and over again, its no wonder I am so passionate about Him. I desire to live a life that shouts JESUS, even if it makes me unpopular with many people.


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