cuddle bug (“,)

this is Haira(pronounced “eyeRRah”), she brings so much joy and laughter to our world. Haira is 1 year and 4 months and belongs to Benilda a 21 year old single mom who is part of my moms sewing project.

we all adore Haira and always know she has arrived because of her non-stop  very loud, very cheerful “talking” (which really is just a whole lot of gibberish) its going to take her a while to start speaking properly because she is growing up hearing 4 languages everyday. my family and i speak to her in english, the other girls who work with my mom and her family at home speak to her in portuguese and shangaan(local language here) and her mother who is deaf and mute speaks to her in sign and words that are very difficult to understand unless you have known her for a while. of late, Haira has began to understand a lot of all four languages, pretty impressive if you ask me!

haira’s first word was in english:” bye bye”, it comes with the complimentary waving of her hand. her second word was in portuguese:”vovo” which means grandma(thats what she calls my mom) and her new word these days is an english expression :”yum!” for everytime she eats something that she really likes.

i love how she is growing in the language department it will be interesting to see whether she will mix all 4 languages as she learns to speak to others or if she will know which language to use with different people. you know what friend, oneday if i have kids i am pretty sure they will know at least 3 languages cause thats how many i speak well and also because i think learning languages is epic fun 🙂


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