the old man and his sandals

I have met many black african girls who have told me, they wish they were white, it really annoys me to hear them say that to be honest. I guess something about the grass being greener on the other side rings true in so many areas of our lives. As for me I have never had any wish to be anything else than who God created me to be. I am quite proud of my dark chocolate coloured skin :D,my hair that will never feel silky to the touch, my love to dance, my . . .  better stop now,the list is truly endless.

Granted, our continent has a lot of terrible issues affecting it everyday BUT as I always love to tell my western friends; there is so much more to Africa than, war, AIDS, poverty and corruption.

Here is an example:

Two years ago there was an old man I always saw when I was running errands in Maputo city. He sat beside a main road and made beautiful hand-made leather sandals. I loved watching him make them so much that one day I decided to be his customer. It was pretty cool to see him at work, first he pulled out an old news paper and then you the customer would put your foot on it so that he could draw it. Once that was done, a short or long discussion (depending on how detailed you wanted the sandals) ensued. After that you could go do your errands and come back two hours later to find your leather sandals ready and waiting for you.  His sandals cost around US$5. I don’t see the old man any more but I don’t think I will ever forget him. He was a hard-working old man who always had a genuine smile ready to offer anyone who looked his way.

I couldn’t end this post without sharing this picture:

I love African print, its bold, gorgeous and not in the least bit bashful. It’s always a pleasure meeting an African girl with impressive swag wearing her African print with pride!

I love my Africa.


2 thoughts on “the old man and his sandals

  1. I tso much love your post, it makes me feel proud to be an african. Talking about the old man, I think I also fit that descrition too, ‘cos I make sandals myself and I love the one you are putting on.

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