Simply Jesus

It is foolishness to many that one should believe that a man was born from a virgin, claim to be God, manage to change the world whilst living a life of utter poverty,die at the age of 33 then rise again three days later… I guess I am a fool to believe in it too. I am not very good at defending my faith with elaborate words or speeches, I leave that to the intellectuals I just hope my life reflects all that He was and is. If He did not rise again then truly all I have done and will ever do in His name is in vain.

This picture was taken 2 years ago on a bridge by my friend Corey Johnson 🙂 We had gone to visit the kingdom of Swaziland (the only country in the world ruled by a monarchy). If you ever read this Corey, that remains one of the best days of my life 😀

It’s always been my passion to love and serve all those that come my way with a reckless abandonment and I believe the only way I can keep doing this even after countless disappointments and hurts is to keep my eyes on Him. That is why I love this picture, it reminds me when the going gets tough, to keep my eyes on the One who has influenced my life far more than anyone could ever do. Jesus.


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