Labour Day with Sandra Dee.

My friend/sister, Sandra has come to visit me for 3 weeks. She is an American girl who lives and works in Uganda. We met at a Bible School in Montana USA in 2010 and the rest is as they call it, is history. I love having her around 🙂

I live 30 minutes away from the beach and that’s where we spent our Labour Day. Maputo beach is NOT known for its beauty, most of Mozambique’s pristine beaches are found further north of Maputo City or on its islands.

What Maputo beach lacks in beauty it makes up with great vibe, very friendly locals and absolutely delicious street food.

You can order a full chicken(marinated Portuguese style) roasted on a brazier with fresh potato chips, a cabbage salad plus a drink for less that US$15. The meal is enough to feed two people. If you are more the seafood person there is a local fish market where you can take your pick at whatever the fishermen brought in that day and have it cooked by the local women. Of course western style restaurants are available along the beach BUT if you want to have a feel on where an average Mozambican eats and hangs out these are the people I would go to.

The highlight of my day was having a mini-pedicure. Boys and young men can be found walking all around Maputo city looking for customers. You choose the nail polish you want and they do their business of making your toes look pretty 🙂 It cost just under US$ 1 for their services. I loved every moment of the experience, the boys where polite, funny and were fascinated by the digital camera and by my white sister, constantly telling me how beautiful she was! 😀

I don’t know if it’s an African thing only but men here have no problem walking up to you and telling you that you are beautiful and continuing with whatever it is they where doing. It really does not matter what colour, shape or size you are, chances are, on any given day someone will find you attractive and will tell you so. If they think they have a chance they can become very persistent in wanting to know you more. Depending on the guy it can get rather annoying at times. In Mozambique, I have never felt threatened when a guy does this to me, most of the time they just want to see a girl smile or hope they can get lucky and she will instantly fall for their “charms”.lol.

I cannot say it enough, I love my Africa!


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