The Mucavela Homestead

Mr and Mrs Mucavela are my parents friends. Mr Mucavela (pronounced Mukavela) is a freelance architect in Maputo but enjoys rural life a lot.

In order to satisfy his desire to have a home both in the city and the rural areas he bought himself a large chunk of land to raise cattle on. He visits his homestead at least twice a month and can spend from one day to one week there.

You need only travel 3 hours in order to be introduced to African rural living. This past weekend my dad took my brother and I to the Mucavela Homestead. I enjoyed the couple of hours I spent there but to be honest, I would find it very difficult to live there long term :). I enjoy my modern day convienences thank you very much!! There was no electricity, running water or cellphone coverage, in such situations I could probably “rough it” for at the most 2 weeks before I have a meltdown. lol!!

When the neighbours saw that Mr Mucavela had come with friends and family to officially open his homestead  they began pouring in. Before long we had over 200 people visiting and eating(they killed a cow for the occasion)

Now you have to understand one thing, the area we where in is not a village its cattle rearing land so you can drive many kilometers before you see a house or people. When I began to see all these people pouring in I couldnt help but wonder, where in heavens name they where coming from and how they knew something was happening at this homestead since there is absolutely no cellphone coverage! Some of these “neighbours” had walked long distances just to join in the celebrations. LOL!


my favorite moment was when a group of children came to do some traditional dancing. It was loads of fun!

All in all, definitely a unique way to spend my Saturday 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Mucavela Homestead

  1. Thanks for telling such a nice story, and I guess you enjoyed it a lot. Nice pictures, and the dancing picture with the dust is especially good. I live in the countryside (with water, cellphone etc.), and wish I could also have a small flat in the city…

    1. I think, I would last MUCH longer in your countryside:) it was definitely a memorable day. I loved the fact that the children are passionate about traditional african dance. These days many of them are into the American stuff.

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