Anita and her rice farm

Anita is 17, she is the oldest of the 5 children I am looking after. Unlike the other 4 who come from abusive backgrounds she has lived at the orphanage for the past 3 years because she lost her left leg to TB and living on a farm became moredifficult for her. Last week my friends and I went to visit her family’s rice farm. I was happy to tag along because it would give me a chance to see what life on a rice farm is like(FYI I live in a village where most people are rice farmers)

Anitas’ family and extended family live very close to one another, all are rice farmers. My favorite person in her family is her abuela(grandma in spanish and pronounced ah.bwe.yah) The picture above has Anita with her older sister, her mother and two grandmas.

Abuela is 78 years old,  she is less than 5 ft tall, almost blind but that doesn’t get in her way at all! The woman enjoys working on her rice farm and when she can, taking 2 hour bus ride(she has to make 2 connections) to come visit her granddaughter 🙂 I enjoy hearing her speak cause she has no problem speaking  her mind and bossing people around, it so funny.LOL. Her favorite phrase for everything  is “Gloria Dios” (Glory to God) Abuela will not say more than three phrases without muttering or shouting “Gloria Dios”  with her hands outstretched 🙂 She is the glue of the family and a great woman of faith!I have not been in Peru long but I think its safe to say they are a warm and hard-working people!

Before we left,  we were treated to simple but tasty lunch of rice and chicken.  Both the rice and chicken where from Anitas parents farm. It was cool to see her mom roast the chicken in a pot over a fire, looking at it after it was done, you would think it was cooked on a rotisserie.

There is a Proverb in the bible that goes: Better a dry crust in peace than a house filled with feasting and conflict.

Sure, Anitas’ family don’t have much and have to work very hard just to have their basic needs covered BUT from what I saw and what I have heard from others, they love each other and look out for each others needs. A family like that can face any of life’s challenges together and be better for it.


3 thoughts on “Anita and her rice farm

    1. thanks for the compliment, it means a lot coming from you! and thank you for the luck, it will be an interesting few months ahead!

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