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There are 10 different types of fruit in the picture above, can you name them all? 🙂

I usually get my moments peace up on the roof where I do the laundry, and this is my view:

I live in a small village in a valley and you guessed right,those mountains that you see are the Andes. From the roof of my house you can see that we are pretty much surrounded by them. I love that I get to see them everyday. On Saturday, my day off I hang out with friends.

I love baking and cooking so its always a treat when we decide to make something together 🙂 My Canadian friend introduced me to an all time favourite American cook book called, “Betty Crocker.” I must say, its pretty legit!

At the end of the day looking after them is my first and most important responcibility!


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  1. Nice post about a glimpse from your live. Seems very good, and very nice photos. And no, I don’t know all the fruits…

    1. shula says:

      so there is: apple,pomegranate,banana,plantain,pineapple,star fruit,pear.pineapple,grape and passionfruit 🙂 One day I would like to blog about the local market, I love going there its so interesting what you can find!

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