where your treasure is…

 I was showing my Peruvian friend pictures of home today when I stumbled over some pictures of my stay in the USA. Looking through them, I sure regret not taking more, I hope I get to go back oneday and when I do I have promised myself to take more time taking pictures. Hopefully I will not repeat the same mistake with Peru 🙂

Today I want to share with you a little bit of Montana.

My bestfriend/older sister Heather took me to Yellowstone the first week I was in Montana. Its because of her that I visited the States for nearly one year.

“Crooked Tree,”  a place just before you enter the Bob Marshall if you coming from Augusta.

Sunset in Belgrade Montana.

Driving from Augusta to Helena.

At the age of 16 I put going to Yellowstone on my bucketlist, never giving it much thought that I would actually go there oneday 🙂

I am not one to attach to people and places easily, a lifetime spent of constantly moving from place to place has made me that way but with Montana its been different. I long to go back…I hope I do.


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