What we do in winter.


A week ago the kids 2 week vacation came to an end, just wanted to share with you some of the things they got to do 🙂

We sat on the sidewalk and watched the Parade… I am beginning to believe at least in this corner of Peru, there are parades for anything under the Peruvian sun!

This particular parade was in honour of Peru’s Independence Day.

Missing in this picture are my two boys Daniel and Andrew and Maria from house 1. On this day we all went out with friends in tow to visit a Peruvian Heritage site called Bosque de Pomac. ( According to the guide this site is as important as the much celebrated Machu Picchu)

A bit of everything; hiking, picking shells at Bosque de Pomac and visiting the tiniest zoo I have ever seen.

A holiday without swimming and fishing??? I don’t think so! We parked the car at the side of the road and jumped into Picsi River.

Poor Solomon, too much fun for him, he had to nap!

Today has been a long day, the boys are down with some sort of stomach flu, feels like all I did today was wipe dripping noses and clean up vomit. 😀 Before I came to Peru a blog post would take me a couple of hours to work on, now its a couple of days.LOL.  I am glad I have this blog,  writing and photography are two of the ways I love to unwind.

Well I have to go sleep…I hope I get some sleep tonight 🙂

Later friend!


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  1. Swimming, fishing, and parades, it seems somebody is having a great time! 🙂 Love the first, dreamy picture with a view…

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