Shula and Shulay

Well friend, I think I have mentioned this to you before; change is the only constant in my life. As of last week I became an assistant teacher at the christian school that’s part of the organisation I am involved in( It has around 150 students). It was not easy leaving the home but the kids are in good hands, the couple that took over know the children very well so it was not too hard for them to adjust.

I am loving being an assistant teacher, Peruvian children are adorable. The girl in the collage above is called Shulay(pronounced “Shoelie”). One of her classmates asked me  “Teacher, is she your daughter ?” I absolutely love it when kids cannot see colour, in his mind since we had the same names it was only natural to assume she was my daughter 🙂 (BTW most Peruvians find it hard to pronounce my name, many call me Shulay or Chula )

On Friday I got acquainted with Miss Luciana a.k.a Miss Chatterbox. This little girl can talk!  The funniest thing she asked me was, “Miss why are your ears dirty?” I was kind of puzzled for a moment until I realized that she couldn’t figure out that I am a black person, so I patiently explained and showed her that the colour of my ears was the same colour as my face, I was not dirty, I merely  had a different skin colour to her. Needless to say, Miss Chatterbox was unconvinced with my explanation.

Friend you had to be there to appreciate the above pictures. All the kids were put to one side of the room to give space for the teacher to put the toys on the floor. What you see is the boys waiting in heightened anticipation to grab their favorite toys. The moment the teacher said come, they all made  a mad dash for it. It was sooo funny to see them do that.

Me thinks I shall have lots of funny stories to tell. I have until December 3 to enjoy all things Peruvian.


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