The Traveller

For those who dare to dream the impossible.

Hope is his steady companion on this odyssey

Unwavering faith the cloak that protects and

keeps him warm against the bitter cold.

Days roll into weeks that turn into months

which finally slip into years.

Hundreds of miles trudged, even more still to come.

A conviction that once exuded youthful promise,

has betrayed him and turned into an old distant memory.

But still he trudges on…

Steady, he comforts his anxious weary heart, for North we must go.

From the comfort of their homes they watch him pass by,

“Listen,” some one cries out, ” there is no sense in troubling yourself,

all this walking will lead you nowhere, there is no North!”

A few brave the merciless winter to take a better look

at the traveller with unyielding purpose.

A soft snicker snakes its way from the back of the crowd

and quickly spreads like a wildfire.

They hold their sides all doubled over in pain,

his zeal for a ridiculous belief a comical sight for all.

“Eventually,” they reason, he will have to give it up.

Disillusioned, one by one they all return to their comfortable familiar.

Steady, he encourages his weary heart, for North we must go.

The wind begins to howl, its eerie cry haunting

the shelter far too flimsy to protect him from the coming storm.

Hope and faith begin to tremble,

Doubt gnaws at his heart like relentless hunger pangs.

If only he could have a glimpse of that North,

maybe with that, courage will come by and give his heart its strength.

But even that is wishful thinking, the loneliness is unyielding.

…Some roads are meant to be travelled alone.

Steady, he comforts his desponded heart, for North we must go!


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