Friend I cannot over-emphasize this fact; there is a parade for almost anything under the Peruvian sun. Be it a funeral (the casket being carried by family members leads the procession), a protest over poor pay, the Catholic Church celebrating another holy virgin(since coming here I have lost count how many holy virgins are out there) or a school celebrating its anniversary. I think in a week I see at least 3 parades complete with loud blaring music and sometimes the occasional dancing group. 5 months later and parades still havent lost their novelty on me 🙂

So here is how our parade went on Friday in honour of 6 years of Strong Tower Christian School sharing education and Jesus to the children of Pueblo Neuvo and Ferrenafe.

All the children came in their best costumes, some bible characters others Disney characters and the rest in traditional Peruvian clothes.

Truly a wonderful day 🙂


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