good luck charm

I am told there is a small coastal community an hour from where I live where black Peruvians live, this place is called Zana(pronounced Sania). Now, I am not talking about bi-racial looking black people, no sirree I am talking about proper black people who look like black Africans. If I had not been told this by someone who has lived here all his life I don’t think I would have believed it because of the strange reactions I have received ever since coming to this part of Peru.

On two  occasions I have had women running towards me screaming and shouting God only knows what because in that moment I am just trying to find a place to hide, hahahaha. On these two occasions the women came and abruptly stood right in front me staring and touching my arm, all I could understand was “que negrita bonita!”(what a beautiful black girl)

Totally puzzled by this strange behaviour  I asked my Peruvian friend what was up with the madness. That is when I got to learn about “the good luck charm.” You see friend, apparently some Peruvians believe if you are the first among friends to see and then touch a black person you are blessed with good luck whilst your friends get stuck with the bad luck 🙂
I have had an old woman come to me politely asking if she could touch me to get “holy luck,” to people randomly pulling my hair as I walk the streets and children run away crying uncontrollably after they see me. I have gone places where I have been bombarded with people asking to take pictures with me or for me to explain how my hair grows. I have even had people taking a video of me walking around in a shopping mall lets not forget the open mouth stares I received the first 3 months of living in Pueblo Nuevo .To be honest I think my dreadlocks have been the cause of half of the commotion, I have tried my best to explain how my hair grows but I think most are left even more confused than before. Those who have asked me where I come from leave with this look of wonder that they have just talked with an African.

So its my wish in the last two weeks in Peru to find my way to Zana and see all these black people because I can count in one hand how many I have seen since coming here, if they are so many of them how come they are rarely seen an hour away from their community? wish me luck friend…oh I forgot, I am living breathing luck I don’t need to ask for it 🙂


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  1. Wow that is sooooooo interesting but also funny. Enjoy your last 2 weeks x

    Siphiwe Phiri Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear I rise


  2. Interesting story, nice photo.

  3. okorie esonu says:

    Goodluck. I think you have been a source of blessing to those you met there in Peru.

    1. Shula Kale'a says:

      I hope I have left a positive view of Africa 🙂

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