relax, take it easy.


I have spent 12 years of my life with a beach always 30 mins drive away from home. Its been an extra bonus having one an hour away whilst in Peru.

My work has always been the emotionally draining type thats why I enjoy sleeping and taking unhurried walks on the beach  (now I am sounding like a profile on LOL)I dont care much for bikinis, utterly despise swimming and dont take the slightest pleasure in sun tanning (I love this dark chocolate coloured skin thank you very much!)

I prefer finding a quiet shady spot and peacefully passing out, occasionally waking up to eat or drink.

The sound of the waves rushing to meet the shore then quickly changing their minds and running back is very soothing… at least for me it is. I am glad that I also have friends who think just like me…except for the tanning part of course 😀


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  1. How lovely, lucky you. No beach here. Or, there is one one hour away, but can’t use it, too cold….

  2. Shula Kale'a says:

    the beach here in Peru is definitely colder than in Mozambique but still lovely to relax at 🙂

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