I am leaving on a jetplane…


Well friend I like to think that I have an internal ipod in my brain that’s on shuffle. I am known to sometimes walk through a supermarket dancing to a tune that only I can hear 😀 The past two weeks, two songs seem to be on repeat, Michael Bubles Home and John Denver’s Leaving on a jet plane, friend I am ready to go home, I really miss my family. Today I start my travels back to Mozambique, its been an incredible 6 months.

Big thank you to all those who have been with me from the beginning(especially those who have encouraged me in my photography hobby) and of course to others who have joined me along the way. I have learned a lot, made some wonderful friends and best of all got to live close to one of Gods beautiful creations “The Andes Mountains.”

Just incase you are curious:

Ferrenafe to Chiclayo: 30 mins car ride ( I live in Pueblo Nuevo, a small community a hop and a skip away from Ferrenafe)

Chiclayo to Lima: 12 hours bus ride (spend a day in Lima doing a bit of sight seeing and gift shopping with two friends)

Lima to Sao Paulo (Brazil): 5+ hours (7 hour lay over)

Sao Paulo to Johannesburg (South Africa): 9+ hours

Rest in Johannesburg for one day then take a 9 hour bus ride home to Mozambique.

I am not sure whats next for me. . . I am sure about one thing though, Gods got me, I don’t need to worry about the future.

. . .

In other words, my life remains unpredictable.

until later friend ❤

Will leave you with a song by Phillip Phillips called home 😉


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