Ferry rides.

My cantankerous old camera just about broke my heart the other day, it  wont work 😦  I hope this year I get a new camera and if possible even take part in a photography workshop. At least this has encouraged me to look into photos I took a while back.

In December 2010, 4 of my friends from the USA came to visit me. Whilst they were with me, I decided to take them to visit one of our beautiful islands Inhaca. Traveling there was quite an adventure. We arrived at the docks at around 6:00 AM, expecting to leave by 7:00 AM or at the latest by 8:00 AM. Turns out the boat had engine problems and we only left by 10 or 11 that morning. Talk about perfect African time!

ferry Inhaca Island

Having lived in their country (USA) for nearly one year, I could now fully understand the amazement that my western friends have when they visit an African country and observe just how laissez-faire we can get about safety and punctuality.

Take for example our two-hour ferry ride to Inhaca Island. I am sure it was overloaded because most passengers didn’t have any seats.  There were no ladders to help you off the ferry and into the small boats that take you to the island (5 min ride) You simply had to figure it all out yourself. I will not speak for the continent of Africa, least I offend a fellow compatriot but I do have to say, when it comes to transporting people in Mozambique, people do as they please!

The ferry ride was so gentle and peaceful that I actually fell asleep half way through the 2 hour ride 🙂

A week before I left the USA, my best friend and I took an impromptu 4 day road trip from Montana to Washington State. It was so much fun. We ended up taking a ferry to visit her uncle who lives on a gorgeous island just off the coast of Seattle. The same amazement that my American friends have when they are visiting me, is the same I had for how efficient and safety conscience the ferry ride was.

Seattle WA
Seattle WA

I really don’t know how to end this blog post 😀 I just wanted to share these pictures with you friend. BTW the first two pics were taken by my friend Taylor.


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