You’ve got a friend in me.


Once a week I drive down to Baiao (local community that has about 250 000 people) to pick my friend up for our afternoon date. Baiao roads have no order to them, if you are a new bee here it is very easy to get lost as they are narrow, winding and people build houses where ever they like, there is no planning. Come to think of it, roads are a by-product of the “do as you please” construction philosophy 🙂


My friend D is shy and has a quiet personality. We don’t talk much on our dates but its OK it’s a comfortable silence, when spoken words need to be used we use them. Mostly D loves to draw and colour so I let her do it to her heart’s content.

Today D tasted cookie dough for the first time in her life, at first she was very unsure about my suggestion to eat something “uncooked” but after her first taste she LOVED it 😀

 Next week maybe we will make some bead necklaces.


Last year, D’s dad did some very bad things to her. . . she has never talked about what happened, I hope our dates make it easier for her to face her fears. On the rare occasion when D smiles, its an absolutely GORGEOUS smile !


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