I got a new camera HAPPY DANCE!!!

Introducing…MY BABY!!! 😀

Friend, remember I wrote a couple weeks ago that my camera stopped working and how I was hoping (and praying) to get a new one this year? Over the weeks I have kept wondering how I would ever get the money to buy a decent camera, I kept thinking God will have to pull a miracle LOL. Well today I got the BEST surprise gift of the year, my friends uncle heard about my plight and then took a look at my blog and decided to give me his still in the box new camera 😀 HOW AMAZING IS THAT ?! It even has another lens with it. I was and  still am shocked at his generosity!!!!

To make things even better for me, my friends dad is an amazing photographer so he is giving me useful tips on how to take great pictures. I am soooooo thankful!!! I feel so overwhelmed and dont even know were to start on how to work this new baby of mine. Oh my, God is AWESOME 😀 Now I really have to learn all those funny photography terms I dont understand when I am browsing other peoples blogs.

SOOOOO FLIPPEN HAPPY RIGHT NOW 😀 my jaws are sore from grinning. hahahahahaha

BTW I am currently in South Africa on a 3 week break visiting friends.


8 thoughts on “I got a new camera HAPPY DANCE!!!

  1. What goes around comes around. You do good for others, someone did good back to you! Congrats! Enjoy reading your blog!

  2. I was wondering what you were shooting with. 🙂 That’s pretty neat. Can you set shutterspeed? If you can change the lenses you can probably take off the 14-42 lens, turn it around, hold it to the camera, and manually move the camera in really close to focus on macro stuff.

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