Over the edge


My parents, youngest sister and I are currently on a massive road trip visiting friends and family in Zambia, I have the added bonus of taking pictures of this part of my world. By the time we get back to Mozambique, we would have covered 5 countries ( Mozambique, Zambia, Congo, Botswana and South Africa) and over 6000kms in one month. I know I am stating the obvious but please indulge me friend: Africa is breathtakingly beautiful! All this traveling has caused me to spend more time mulling over one of my favourite topics; heaven. Like road tripping in Africa, you have a good idea what to expect but you are not quite sure what exciting adventures lie over the edge until you get there.

I am of the opinion Hollywood and Disney have the concept of heaven all wrong (over weight baby angels floating on clouds playing harps) On the other hand one cannot expect much truth from them because they are in the business of selling fantasy. C.S. Lewis describes life on earth as “the shadow lands,” I couldn’t agree more. All the beauty my eyes feast on here on earth is a pitiful reflection of what heaven will have. Imagine mountain ranges more grandiose than the Himalayas Mountains, forests more lush and abounding with more wildlife than the Amazon rain forest, the option of anyone visiting these places without the fear of death, sickness or time restraint. It will be the perfect equilibrium between man and nature with no fears of extinction, distraction, pain, suffering or our eyes ever getting accustomed to the breath-taking wonder surrounding us. Friend, I truly cannot wait to road trip there.

For me the memories I am making this month are beautiful but poor reflection of heaven. If time and internet access permit, I hope to post more pictures in the coming days, if not it will just have to wait until sometime in June. I already miss checking out what my favorite bloggers 🙂 funny how people I have never met become part of life 🙂

Goodnight from somewhere near the border of Angola and Zambia 🙂


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  1. You must be in heaven. A whole month of these countries: an adventure! 🙂 I am sure Disney got it all wrong. Wonderful picture.

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