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We got home on the 2nd of June at 7:30 AM. For the final stretch, my father and I started driving from Saturday at 1:30 PM and continued right through the night until early Sunday morning with only 15-20 mins breaks along the way. What should have taken 3 days ended up being 6 days of travel because of the breakdowns we had(sooo annoying!). I can finally say, ” I am an experienced cross-country driver :D”

Sunrise, Kitwe Zambia.
Sunrise, Kitwe Zambia.

Now, I believe you are expecting pictures of how driving through Botswana, Congo and South Africa went…well, plans changed 😦 The day we entered Zambia fuel prices increased to almost $2 per litre!!! That pretty much put a dent on my parents budget and as we were getting ready to come back they decided to take the same route we had used coming to Zambia to cut down costs(we still covered 6000 kms in total). I was very disappointed but their reasoning was fair, so friend, there is always next time 🙂 Meanwhile let me share with you for the last time some of what I saw on this trip.

market by the road side.
market by the road side.

Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables are sold along the roads. There is something to be said about rural living, I don’t know about other places but at least in Africa you are sure to get fresh produce free from strange chemical sprays!

watermelons anyone ?
watermelons anyone ?

Of all the pictures I took this one below is one of my favorites. I wish the picture could convey the tranquility that was at this spot. Most of the pictures I took were taken as my dad was driving but on this one, he stopped and allowed me to take it. You can’t see clearly but it was a group of mothers and daughters doing laundry, well at least the moms were washing because the little girls were busy playing by the bank. It  almost felt like  I could have walked past this same river 200 years ago and I would have seen the same scene. Sapphire sky, birds chirping, girls laughing and the gentle sound of a river flowing by.

laundry day.
laundry day.

Traveling in the north of Mozambique, we drove by a small area that was demarcated with lots of danger signs because it had landmines. What was most concerning was that this area was right next to the road and close to a village like the one below. Mozambique suffered a 16 year civil war that ended in 1993 but 2o years later its people are still haunted by it. As I drove past, I couldn’t help but thank God that in all the times I had gone off for a toilet break, I had not accidentally stepped on a landmine…something thats not unheard of because my father once picked up a man who had stepped on a landmine and had lost much of his leg. All that was left of his leg as my father rushed him to the nearest hospital was bare bone. It always amazes me how much pain the human spirit can endure!


A little of this and that:

1Hand made baskets and hat for sale. Fresh unprocessed honey being sold along the road. Sweet potatoes being sold by the kilos. Whilst in North Western Zambia we traveled for about 50 km surrounded by butterflies, the front of our car was covered with them by the time we reached our destination…pretty 🙂

I am not one for adding lots of personal pictures on my blog but once in a while I make exceptions :D, I had a wonderful time meeting up with family that I only get to see every 4-5 years. Below is the last night my sister and I spent with my dads youngest brother and his wife. He is our FAVORITE uncle and I already miss them both so much.



Goodnight friend, my allergies have got the best of me tonight, can’t stop sneezing, best I drink some tea and head for bed 🙂




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