Rumours of war.

I have so much uncertainty going on in my life right now, I just don’t know what’s next…its become increasingly evident that I urgently have to find work in another country…which one? I don’t know. I have lost track how many jobs I have applied for without much success, I haven’t given up all hope yet, I am a fighter, I will keep applying until something comes up.

The state of my mind probably reflects the state of many a Mozambiqan, with the rumours of a possible war coming up, I sometimes wonder if one day I will wake up and find what everyone has been dreading has come true…

It seems the reality of civil war is becoming more apparent, the current government and the opposition party are just not seeing eye to eye and the opposition is threatening war. I will not bore you with the details, fact is the same 2 groups that dragged this country into a 16 year civil war that ended 20 years ago are showing more signs of heading into that direction again…very sad.

So if you are the praying type, pray for us, pray for peace. I maybe Zambian but Mozambique is home, everyone is hoping the current crisis will blow over into nothing…as for now, life is still normal for most of us.

My personal predicament has nothing to do with the current situation with the government, I have had a series of situations that keep pointing in the direction of me finding another country to call home, who knows maybe things will change…

Good night friend.


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  1. okorie esonu says:

    I pray with you and hope that there will be no war or uprising in the place you call home. And for the job, you will surely get the one you desire. Night Sula.

  2. Shula Kale'a says:

    Thank you Okorie, I do hope in the coming weeks the government issues will be resolved, it would be so sad if things got works. As they say, hope is always the last to die!

  3. bushybeard says:

    Wow. news to me. I didn’t think Mozambicans could get agitated enough to go to war again. Everything was always so chilled before. /:

  4. Shula Kale'a says:

    Yeah, a number of police and civilians have died this year cause of clashes with the opposition. Anybody crossing the Rio Save or traveling on certain roads in the North has to do it under armed soldiers. In the South all looks well because the government has poured so much money into developing the South but in the North many people are unhappy. all of Mozambiques natural resources like oil, diamonds, coal and gas come from the North yet they don’t benefit from it so the opposition is capitalizing on that.

    There is more to the story but these things are best talked about instead of writing about 🙂

  5. Wendy Sparkes says:

    Remembering you in prayer, Shula, & Mozambique too!

  6. Laura Halder says:

    We continue to pray for you my dear friend. I think the whole world is heading in that general direction of unrest. As believers in Yehua our Messiah we shouldn’t be surprised He told us it would come. We will hold each other up and continue to draw strength from our Lord my sister. May the Lords will be done as He adds to your already God glorifying testimony. I admire the courage the Lord has given you!! You are such a gift. Thank you so much for your blog and pictures to remind us that there is more out there than our own little worlds!
    Much love and prayers.
    Laura Halder

    1. Shula Kale'a says:

      Thank you Laura, thank you for your encouragement! Will keep trusting that Gods got this 🙂

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