Bathtime with Haira.

can you see me ?

Some little girls are made for the camera. Take Haira for example (pronounced Eye-rrah), you would think this 2-year-old has had her picture taken by an over zealous mom from birth but that’s not the case at all. I thoroughly enjoyed watching her play and taking pictures as she entertained her self.


So that you have a back ground on what she is doing below: Haira took the time yesterday to show me how one should take a proper bath, the little madame is not shy to boss people around. Bear in mind that Hairas home like so many others in her community does not have indoor plumbing so baths are taken in a small makeshift room whose walls are commonly made from reed. From a very young age children learn the art of taking a full bath with little water, a grown person can use at the most 10-12 litres of water to bath( that’s about 3 gallons and some for my American friends).  If you didn’t know, water is an expensive commodity for many around the world.

First, you make sure you are sitted comfortably, some bathrooms have a small stool or stone to sit on, with the bucket of water before you. She already sits like a lady hahaha. Little girls are taught from the moment they can sit on their own that a girl never, ever sits without her feet crossed 😀 Its amazing how toddlers are constantly observing how older people act and immediatly copy them. The only time she is not downloading information is when she sleeps.

This picture came out all grainy…dont know what I did wrong. Anyways, take your soap and rub it between your hands and…

Rub the soap all over your body. I totally missed taking the shot of her scouping up imaginary water and rinsing herself. Finally,

wash your bathroom flops before wrapping your towel ( which was her jacket) and walking out. Just so you know, Haira took this very seriously and was oblivious to me and my camera. If you have experianced taking a bath in a low income community you would find what she was doing so funny if not…well I hope you find her smile endearing 🙂


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