Practice makes perfect.


I went on a photo walk today with my friend Isa (pronounced Eeza).  She is a photographer and is very good with portraits, something that I still have to master, I am not comfortable taking photos of adults.


These women I believe from their facial features are from East Africa, I didn’t get to ask them because of the language barrier but they were happy enough to let me take a picture of them. I love their bright clothes, I wouldn’t mind trying them out, I just don’t know if I would walk around as gracefully as they do.


My personal favorite today 😀 I like the contrast between the conservative muslim woman and the couple in the background sharing an embrace. I didn’t even know that’s how I had taken the picture till afterwards.

Isa and I are not very good at asking strangers if we could take a picture of them( one has to have a lot of nerve ) so whilst she gave me tips on how to take good portraits we both practiced asking random people to pose for us. These guards enjoyed the attention we gave them LOL. Today, I am thankful for friends who are willing to share their knowledge and time.


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  1. That is good portraits, but that would be difficult for the conservative one. I like to see smiles and faces! 🙂 You did great.

    1. Shula says:

      hey Bente, I think it would have been better if we could at least see the womans eyes. I dont know if I will ever have a shot like that again but if I do, I know what to keep in mind.

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