I love to love you


In my world there is no such thing as a “small wedding!”

Cheap? yes!

Simple? yes!

extravagant? even better!

Expensive? YES PLEASE!

BUT “small wedding??” you might as well ask the moon to stop rotating around the earth! My brother (FYI I am the oldest of 4, three girls and one boy) is getting married this Friday but celebrations began last Saturday. Jessi’s father organised a goodbye party for their whole family to come and wish Jessi goodbye as she gets ready to leave her family and joins us. There were no less than 100 family members present, give or take another 30 people who were family friends. In my world, family is not just the immediate family unit its EVERYONE, uncles, aunties, first, second, third cousins, grandparents and much more. We were also invited as the family wanted to meet the family that Jessi would be joining, friend it was such a wonderful day, with loads of food ( they bought and killed a cow for the occasion) amazing live african jazz music, LOTS of dancing and laughter.

It turned out that Jessi’s grandparents were also celebrating 59 years of marriage. For me it was wonderful to see two generations, one that was just about to begin their journey and another that had been at it for decades.

Jessi's grandparents
Jessi’s grandparents

Now there are two more days of celebrations left, this Friday is the official wedding and then on Saturday we will have a welcome party at our house, it’s a Mozambican custom (Jessi is Mozambican) for the family of the groom to host a lunch for the family of the bride to come and officially leave their daughter with the grooms family. We will have around 100 people at our house, fun times! I can’t make any promises on sharing more pictures of our celebrations as my brother and Jessi are private about their lives but I am sure I can make a plan and share some pictures with you.


There are three things that amaze me – no, four that I don’t understand:

how an eagle glides through the sky,

how a snake slithers on a rock,

how a ship navigates the ocean,

how a man loves a woman. 

King Solomon.

Luis and Flo
Luis and Flo

6 Comments Add yours

  1. 59 years of marriage!!! That is amazing.

    1. Shula says:

      Totally my friend! eish I miss you….

  2. bushybeard says:

    daaam shoe shoe. You scared the s*** out of me! hahaha. I saw them cutting the cake and I was like, NOOOOOO, my speech isn’t finished! 😛

    Charles Harper

    Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2013 09:35:20 +0000 To: cg.harper@hotmail.com

    1. Shula says:

      hahahahaha!! I sooo wish you had made it 😦 whats Mumbas wedding without his childhood side kick? oh well! at least your speech will be heard, Kat has been denied giving a speech! hahaha!!

  3. Great celebrations, and I can fell all the joy and happiness. Very good photos, Shula.

  4. Charis says:

    Hey meisie, thanks for sharing such a muito especial occasion! May the rest of the celebrations be equally as memorable…aw I can see Raimundo, Celso and Rofina Behind Florencia and Luis….I would love to be there!
    Many of us not there would love to see more posts and pictures, but as Tapuwa often reminds me, live the moment rather than try to capture the moment…

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