A goats dream.

Oh my, its been so long since my last post…not that I ever forgot about the blog just that I have had other things on my mind and I lost my writing muse in the process. I hope my groove comes back soon…maybe I will just have to force myself to go out and take pictures of anything 🙂 In the meanwhile enjoy this one.


kids club 002

No one puts these goats up there, they do it themselves and just hang out for a while, I honestly don’t know why they do it. My father calls this picture: “The higher you go, the cooler it becomes. ” Maybe that’s just it, the goats can’t stand the heat down below and some how they figured out that they can catch the perfect breeze up there. These days a week will not go by without a scorching 38 or 40 C (100-104 F, not forgetting the awful humidity) and it will only get worse!

In low-income neighbourhoods here in Maputo, goats, chickens and the occasional sheep roam freely. Don’t ask me how but somehow there is an unwritten law in these communities that no matter how far from home they roam, everyone knows their animals and stealing one is pretty dumb cause EVERYONE knows everyone elses business! There is no need for telephones and internet, news travels fast and wild! If you think I am exaggerating come stay awhile with one of my friends.


One thought on “A goats dream.

  1. Good to see the roaming free animals having a pause as a statue. I like the system with no stealing. In Norway too the animals go roaming, but only in the forest and the mountains, and only in the summer. Closer to the farms they have to be behind fence not to get in trouble with traffic. And indoors in winter…

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