That’s what friends are for.

Remember Heather? I posted a blog about her in April last year, well long story short after her 3 week visit to South Africa, she came back in August last year to set up her organisation called Hope of Africa.  Upon my return from Zambia I stayed in Mozambique for a week then she wrote and asked if I could come help with her project so I packed my bags once again and made my way to Malalane South Africa,a mere 2 hour drive from Maputo. Heathers’ organisation is not only based in South Africa but also in Kenya and Uganda. In South Africa she is involved in establishing mentoring program that is helping disadvantaged children get through school right up to university. My responsibilities are to help in the mentoring and to help short-term volunteers from the USA  make sense of the sometimes confusing African culture 🙂 Also, I pretty much do whatever needs to be done at any moment, I am not sure how long I will be here for, I figure that will sort itself out eventually.

I hope to post more pictures of what we are up to in the days to come but tonight I will leave you with this one:

Nellie, Heather, Me, Danielle

Nellie, Heather, Me, Danielle

It was taken on my birthday on the 23rd of this month that turned out to be an epic girls day out 🙂

Gnite friend,

P.S  Nellie and Danielle are here as short-term volunteers and we have become good friends. I am coming down with a horrible cold, I don’t understand why since its been so hot here…oh well…misery loves company!


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  1. Such great friends! 🙂

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