Wild Flowers

When we get the chance, we go out exploring the beautiful province of Mpumalanga South Africa. After a long week of work I sure look forward to our escapades 🙂 Just last Monday we went to Gods window. As it was an overcast day I decided to put more effort in taking pictures of flowers than of the scenery. The view on a good day is nothing short of spectacular!

Ben and the view as we hike down the mountain
Ben and the view as we hike down the mountain

As we made our way to the top of Gods window (Google search to find out what I am talking about)Ben was in his element nimbly skipping from rock to rock, making his way to the very edge of the mountain and confidently walking into plumes of dark clouds (things I would only dream of doing, yes, I confess, I am the cautious adventurer!). I on the other hand was filled with a mixture of awe and absolute terror. In awe because it was so very peaceful and lovely and terror because I could hear the not so distant rumble of thunder and lightening as they warmed up for what I only knew so well would become a very heated discussion. If you have ever experienced an African thunderstorm, you will know what I am talking about. Not like the whole experience worried Ben one bit, as we explored the flat top of the mountain he inundated me with stories and fun facts of how lightening kills people….this brought no comfort to me because at that time we where the only two tall objects on top of that mountain.  I so wish I could put into words what it felt like having dark clouds swirl around you in a circular motion and experiencing a small taste of how powerful nature can be but I fail every time I try! Fortunately for me, it seemed as if we where in the eye of the storm, wouldn’t be surprised if that was a disappointment for Ben…

Oh well, I hope to one day go back to Gods window and this time the weather will be in my favour!




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