New Beginnings


I had a dream last night,

I dream t my grandma was healthy again,

I dream t her dislocated hip and knee were completely healed.

I dream t she was full of energy dancing about with joy,

I dream t she could see again.

In the dream I stared at her in disbelief, how is it possible that she walks with the strength of a young adult I thought? As if she could read my thoughts she turned and smiled at me telling me not to think too hard about such matters. I quietly marvel as she walks away…


Since morning I have been mulling over the dream, then late this afternoon I got a simple message;

your grandmother just died.


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  1. Laura Halder says:

    Shula, I send you and your Grandpa a comforting hug from the USA. I am sorry for your loss but so excited for your Grandma! Laura

    1. Shula says:

      Thanks Laura.

  2. bushybeard says:

    Hug. Susanna’s great aunt (more like a granny) also just died last week, and she had a similar dream 3 days or so before she died

    1. Shula says:

      Hug to Susanna! amazing how these things happen…

  3. Anonymous says:

    God’s continuing comfort to you, Shula!

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